GREAT CHOICE!  Your 1 step away from taking your privacy back!



A live streaming video class where I will take you through the tools you need in order to take back your privacy on the internet without giving up content and access.  They expect us to be lazy and not take these few step that will turn you into an internet ghost.   EVERYTHING I will teach you will cost you nothing to implement or install.  All of which you should have installed and working within 24 hours.  So don't worry.


Saturday 18 August 2018 @ 4pm till we are done.  I am estimating about 2 hours.  It may go over but you can leave early if you need to.  The event will be recorded and exclusive non-public copies will be made available to all class members in case you miss something, want to review or have to leave early.


Jitsi is an open source live video/audio conference platform with screen sharing, link sharing, text and voice chat system that has NO sign up!  No cost and is can have unlimited attendees!  Never again will you use skype, google video chat, zoom or any other privacy invading video conference platform.  

Logo_Jitsi transparent.png

Take Jitsi.org for a test drive if you like...  Click the image to the left and then scroll down and click "Start A Call".  Enter the "name" of your meeting. Click "GO" click "Allow" for your camera & mic.  (Don't worry, no one can see you.  :)  For the class, you can choose audio only if you like.  However you will be able to see my computer screen and maybe me too.


BUT FIRST, follow the instructions below to sign up for the class.

Sign Up Instructions?

I am Daniel Alexander Cannon aka LogicBeforeAuthority, the instructor.  I am

going to attempt to handle this a very simple way.  I am asking for a donation of as little as $1 to sign up & attend the class.  Paypal is the cheapest and easiest way to handle this.  If you do not have a PayPal account, it take 5 minutes or less to set one up and its free.  Accepts debit and credit cards.

Go to paypal.me/logicbeforeauthority and send $1 dollar.  When you do this, I will get your email address.  I will then email you the link to the Jitsi.org class within 12 hours of and prior to the class on Saturday.  *Jitsi is also available on Android and Apple iOS at this link:  https://jitsi.org/downloads/

You will have 2 opportunities to choose what you pay for the class.  1st is now when you send the donation of $1 or more to paypal.me/logicbeforeauthority.

Or after you have attended the class, you can choose to increase what you paid for the class then.  I am doing it this way so no one get left out and it allows everyone to pay what they can afford or what they think it was worth.   I'm sure we both wish more things were like this in the market place.  It would be a better, more fair world.

That's All Folks!

See you in class.

*Please share  this class with anyone you think that might be interested.